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Social Media Integration

It’s important to integrate the proper social widgets on your website to increase sales and website traffic. Integration of Social Media into website is a great marketing strategy to leverage on the power of social media such as Facebook and Instagram to drive your overall online presence. Social media and your website should work seamlessly together to promote your online brand.
Social Media Integration

• Social share and follow buttons

Make your website content shareable with social share buttons. Not only do they help you increase awareness of your content, but when you provide your visitors the opportunity to share your content easily, you’re also improving user experience. One way to do this is to use one of Facebook’s social widgets, such as the “Like Box”.
If you use social media to keep your clients or customers update of your company recent happenings and are actively managing your store on a weekly or monthly basis, it will be wise to showcase your Twitter feed or Facebook posts directly on your website.
Social share and follow buttons

• Social login

Making your website more social media-friendly is another way of improving your company presence. Most users prefer to log in to a new website using their existing social media account, such as Facebook, compare to creating a new account by providing an email address and password. By providing visitors the option to sign up or log in via their social media profiles, it encourage them to sign up as member and also shorten the registration process.
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